Al Aqaba Design Charrette

Rebuilding to Remain

Families from Al Aqaba Village ask your help to build colorful, eco-friendly homes on the land they own. 97% of this Palestinian West Bank Village is under demolition order by the Israeli Army. Families want to build their homes because otherwise their village will cease to exist. They will help with construction, repay affordable mortgage loans, and match your donation in this constructive fair housing initiative. Together, let’s share the risk and build advocacy to make them safe.


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Rebuilding a Future in Palestine: In July, architects, engineers, designers, filmmakers and diplomats are all converging on the West Bank Palestinian Village of Al Aqaba to work with villagers in a charrette to design their future homes, even though 90% of Al Aqaba is under demolition order. About the National Charrette Institute.

Al Aqaba Charrette Booklet PDF

Article by Steven Coyle about Al Aqaba Charrette