There are four parts to every Rebuilding Alliance project:

  1. Village-Centered Design:

    • We welcome Visiting Architects, Designers, Engineers and more!
    • In July 2011, Rebuilding Alliance hosted an Architectural Design Charrette in Al Aqaba Village, bringing architects and engineers to work with villagers to design eco-friendly, affordable, expandable homes.  Award-winning architect Hani Hassan took the lead in this remarkable 10 day program coordinated by Steve Coyle, a co-founder of the National Charrette Institute.  Download the Charrette Booklet here.
    • Designers Kathrin Weib and Hana Hakim came to stay in Al Aqaba to work with the Rural Women’s association in designing their building — a remarkable proposal!
    • Though not an architecture project, our birthing center program (recently funded, coming soon) is yet another form of village-centered design. Design in this project meant four years of work first to create the proposal then to find the partners who will help make it real.  We look forward to a springtime tour that will include doctors, nurses, technicians and also Rotarians from Rotary Clubs in California, Israel and Palestine!
  2. Precedent-Setting Legal Work:
    • We partner with legal advocacy groups at all levels of our work.
    • Al Aqaba Village works with JLAC and ACRI to petitions the Israeli High Court, and wins freeze orders as RA asks our donors to call Congress on their behalf.
    • On March 14, 2012, Al Aqaba became the 1st Palestinian village in Area C, the 63% of the West Bank controlled solely by Israel, to issue their own building permits.
    • Our work on behalf of Abir Aramin, a 10 year old child killed by an Israeli soldier’s rubber-coated steel bullet triggered the U.S. Leahy Law.
  3. Crowd-source fundraising including Mortgage Financing:
    • A good way to share the risk. 
    • Our programs are always in the top ten in Bonus Day Competitions on — and once we even placed 2nd!
    • April 14, 2012 Rebuilding Alliance became the first to offer mortgage loans to any family in Area C.  Ours are affordable and Islamic-compliant rotating mortgage loans with the clause that if their home is demolished, their repayments stop until occupancy is restored.
  4. Worldwide Advocacy:  
    • It takes a world to save a village — and constituent voices matter.
    • Our team used Ushahidi technology to design the Palestine Crisis Map, recently awarded Ushahidi Deployment of the week!
    • We are creating Contact Congress Countability, an effective new way to engage the help of your Representative & Senators.