How to call Congress to press for No-Fire Zones over U.N. Schools in Gaza

Our school, the Rafah Boy’s Preparatory School #A is the largest shelter in Rafah. These families have been there since the very start of Israel’s shelling when they fled their homes with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing.  We know this because the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice is working with Rebuilding Alliance to deliver lifeline hygiene kits to each family and portable showers to the whole camp.

On Sunday, August 3rd, the school gates at our school, the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A were hit by Israeli missile fire.  Ten were killed, mostly children.  Dozens were wounded.

We’ve got to get assurances at every diplomatic level that to keep Gaza’s Shelter Schools Safe.  Insist on the formal establishment of No-Fire Zones over the schools.   Here’s a Contact Congress guide to help you make your calls: HOW TO CALL FOR NO-FIRE ZONES: a Guide

Please take 15 minutes this morning to call both your Senators and your Representative.  Use the Guide to speak to their Senior Staffer for Foreign Policy.  Follow-up by customizing the following letter and emailing it to your Senators and Representative.


Your Name Here, Your Title

Street Address, City, State Zip Code • Phone: xxx xxx xxx • your email


August <Day>, 2014
By Facsimile <their number here> or By Email <their email here>   

The Honorable Rep. or Senator <Your congressperson’s or senator’s title and name here>

House of Representatives or Senate of the United States

Washington, DC 20515


Re: Urgent Appeal to Keep Gaza’s School Shelter Safe

Dear Congressman or Senator <last name here>:

As a resident of your <Congressional District or your state>, I write to you with urgency to assure the neutrality and safety of the 94 schools where Gaza’s Palestinian families have sought sanctuary during this war.  I am one of the Americans who provided lifeline personal hygiene kits and portable showers to the U.N. school hit in Rafah that was hit on Sunday and I need your personal assurance you will do all you can to keep them safe.

Please take two simple actions at my request:   (1) please call the U.S. State Department and (2) please call the Israeli Embassy to press them to formally establishment NO-FIRE ZONES over each of the 94 school shelters.  Please do so today, and call me to let me know their response.    Yes, urge them to negotiate a cease-fire but for the time-being, press for immediate and formal assurance that the No-Fire Zones have been acknowledged by every level of the Israeli Army’s command.

According to the U.N., there are 270,021 Palestinian children, moms and dads who are displaced from their homes.  They are in sanctuary at 94 schools (90 UNRWA + 4 gov. schools administered by UNRWA).   Ten people, mostly children were killed on Sunday at the Rafah Boys Preparatory School, #A,  the third UNRWA school to be targeted by the Israeli military.

This school is the largest sanctuary school in Rafah, housing nearly 3000 people. These families have been there since the very start of Israel’s shelling when they fled their homes with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing — I know this because the Rachel Corrie Foundation and Rebuilding Alliance are delivering lifeline supplies there, working in partnership with the remarkable social worker who manages that UNRWA school.

In closing, the children housed in the U.N. shelter schools would have been at summer peace camp were it not for this war. Please keep them safe and alive.  Please call the Israeli Embassy and the State Department now, on my behalf.   Make your calls today and keep me appraised of your progress.  I look forward to your prompt reply.


Yours truly,


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