Build & Advocate

Early-on, Rebuilding Alliance learned that to build in war-torn communities one must partner locally with non-governmental organizations that hold the trust of the neighborhood and maintain the highest standards of fiscal and personal integrity.

We learned to create a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and hope a Plan D is never needed.

We learned that village-centered rebuilding makes a big difference: trauma-recovery, jobs, recognition, good buzz.

The trust built in each of these projects lays the basis for the next. Please click to side-bar to read of our rebuilding projects underway in East Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel.

Building and Advocacy Programs


  • I Care About Peace, I Care About Al Aqaba
  • Abir’s Garden: a Safe Place to Grow
    • Completed:
      • Combatants for Peace Speaking Tours ’08, ’09
      • Abir’s Garden at Anata Girl’s School
    • Underway:
      • Abir’s Garden in Al Samoa-Simya
      • Engaging the Leahy Law
    • Coming Soon:  Abir’s Garden – Third One
  • Rachel Corrie Rebuilding Campaign in Gaza
    • Completed:
    • Seeking to End the Siege of Gaza
    • Cancelled due to Siege: 2nd Home
    • Cancelled due to Siege: 2nd Home
    • Underway: Reassessment