in Al Samoa

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Update 1/12/2012

Hello all,

Good news. Now that we have completed the second Abir’s Garden Playground Project, we are changing this project description to begin raising funds for the third one. We are now calling the project “Abir’s Garden Playground for a Safe Place to Grow.” You can read this project’s overview webpage to learn the details.

Combatants for Peace will also be setting the date of the opening ceremonies for the Al Samoa-Simya Abir’s Garden Playground and choosing the location of the next playground. We will keep you up to date on these decisions.

Thank you for supporting this project and helping these playgrounds to become a reality!

Update 10/25/2011

Hi Friend,

Sun sets on the complete Playground

Sun sets on the complete Playground

I wanted to announce the third phase in the Al Samoa-Simy project has been completed. Awnings have been installed in the playground! These awning provide shade for children and their families.Everyone in the village is coming to enjoy that playground after school!

Below are photos of the installed awnings. Bassam Aramin (Abir Aramin’s father) said “I watch the photos with tears. Proud of you all.”

More work still needs done before this project is finished. Thank you for supporting this project with your donations. Your contributions has provided the children and their families in Al Samoa-Simy a place to play and relax. Thank alos to Combant’s for Peace for the amazing work you have done!


View of playground and village in the background

View of playground from the opposite direction

Everything here was install by Combants for Peace

Update 10/10/2011

Dear Friend,

Playgrounds for Palestine provided this grant

Do you remember our program to help Combatants for Peace build playgrounds in memory of the child, Abir Aramin?  Our work is moving forward.  Donna Baranski-Walker, Founder of Rebuilding Alliance, and Souzan Jaber, Board Member with Rebuilding Alliance, recently visited the Abir’s Garden playground under construction in Al Samoa Simya!  I’ve asked Donna to tell you more about their trip below.

Also,this past Sunday, Abir Aramin’s case was in the news.  Judge Orit Efal-Gabai from the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Israeli state was responsible for the death of Abir Aramin and must pay her family compensation:   In the trial, one of the first questions the Judge had asked of her family is why they choose to build playgrounds in memory of their child, Abir.    Our playgrounds provide a beautiful and living memorial, a commitment to justice, tolerance, and understanding, and a venue to bring Combatants for Peace to meet with children.

Thank you once again for your generous contribution! None of this would be possible without your donations.

Kindergarteners use this playground daily


Afterschool, the whole community comes by

Afterschool, the whole community comes by

Remember that moment you got out of school?

Much easier than the ups and downs of peace making

Next C4P will install shade awnings

C4P member Mohamad, the principal and Donna

Board Member, Souzan Jaber, trying out the slide!

This was their first week of school



Abir's Garden Playground for WestBank Kindergarten

After a little girl was killed, Israeli and Palestinian Combatants for Peace decided to build playgrounds in her memory – and the kindergarten in As Samoa has no playground. They need your help.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The Aramin family chose to turn their tragedy and despair into care, creativity, and teamwork in memory of their 10 year old daughter, Abir. The Abir’s Garden Project transformed her school in East Jerusalem, bringing former combatants from both sides together to build a playground that soon became the favorite gathering place for families. Now Combatants for Peace is ready to build in As Samoa village, near Hebron with the help of their school community.

How will this project solve this problem?

Work with C4P landscape architects on the plan. Order and receive playground structure from Europe. Hire shuttle busses to bring former combatants from all over Israel and West Bank to clear, build, and install. Feed everyone. Hold opening ceremony.

Potential Long Term Impact

When former combatants work together to build for children, they meet one another & begin to heal. For many villagers, this is the first time they see Israelis who come in peace. The children gain a safe place to play, families after school can enjoy/

Project Message

We want to send a message to the world that if we former enemies can now sit together, work together, struggle together with words not guns then anything in the universe is possible.

-Yonatan Shapira, Israeli co-founder of Combatants for Peace

January: Paving the Way

April: Our Project coming together

May: Final touches with a smile