First Birthing Center in the Jordan River Valley!

Update 2/17/2012

Hello Everyone

I have some exciting news about the birthing center. Because of your continued support and donations, this project is nearly fully funded!

In addition, the Rotary Club Matching Grant which is for the birthing center equipment (ultra-sound, heart-monitors, etc.), has now been sponsored by seven Rotary Clubs in the United States, Palestine, and Israel. That matching grant application, a sister grant to the birthing center training provided through your donations to GlobalGiving, now moves forward for review at Rotary International. In total, both grants will make this is a $58,000 project! We look forward to approval in a few months time.

If all goes well, the equipment will arrive in the spring and training at the birthing center will commence shortly thereafter. Would you like to travel there to join them? We are organizing a tour in April or May, 2012 to visit the Holyland and stay in Al Aqaba while this training gets underway. If you are interested in learning more about this tour, please let me know!

Thank you for your continuing support in helping fund this project. Through your generosity, Palestinian families of Area C in the West Bank will have a birthing center, in’shalah, equipped and staffed, to provide family-centered birthing assistance in addition to pre and post-natal care for mothers and children.


The British Embassy built a medical clinic. Now the villagers of Al Aqaba seek to upgrade it to become the 1st Birthing Center in the Jordan River Valley so that moms need not wait at checkpoints.

This clinic is a good place for a birthing center

Al Aqaba's clinic would be a good place for a birthing center.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

At present, if there is a critical care situation in the Jordan River Valley, a patient must travel to Jericho for treatment on bad, often restricted roads — at least a two-hour trip. If a mother giving birth faces any complications, or if her newborn baby is sick, there is no time for such an arduous trip. The equipment & training you will provide for the clinic is capable of saving the lives of mothers and children living in the West Bank.

How will this project solve this problem?

The birthing center’s equipment and staff will provide care for mothers and children in the Jordan River Valley.  To achieve this goal,  worldwide diplomatic assistance will be requested to assure the village’s right to remain standing.

Potential Long Term Impact

Since the Birthing Center will be the first in all of the West Bank’s Area C, it will provide 10,000 people with the opportunity for family-centered birthing assistance, and pre and post-natal care. The center will help an at-risk population thrive.

Project Message

What does peace mean to you?

What does peace mean to you?

Our village deeply believes in peace. With our great kindergarten, a women’s sewing co-op, new roads, our small medical clinic is the right place for the 1st birthing center in the Jordan River Valley
- Haj Sami Sadik, Head of the Al Aqaba Village Council