Rachel Corrie Rebuilding Campaign

“Rebuilding Hope”

— a film series by Tamer Mansour and Ron Eggleton, narrated by Cindy Corrie

Working with Cindy and Craig Corrie and the family in Gaza whom the late Rachel Corrie sought to protect, we launched the Rachel Corrie Rebuilding Campaign in Gaza in 2004. Through our non-governmental partners, the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, we sought to rebuild hundreds of homes and schools in Gaza.   Now we work to end the blockade so that families and neighborhoods can rebuild at last. Here are two films describing our process in constructing the first home in the project.

Episode 1 — Rebuilding the Nasrallah Home

“In just a few weeks, the Nasrallah family will start building their new home through the grassroots support of hundreds of Americans and people throughout the world. They are the family that my daughter, Rachel Corrie, sought to protect when she was killed by the Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer that threatened their home in March 2003. My name is Cindy Corrie and I am Rachel’s Mother.”

Episode 2 — Groundbreaking

“The question is not why the bad things happen to good people… The question is what do good people do when bad things happen? That is my husband Craig as we traveled with the Nasrallah family this past summer to tell our story and ask Americans to help rebuild this family’s home. Now rebuilding has begun…”