Teach in a Village Under Demolition Orders


Rebuilding Alliance is providing a travel stipends to talented teachers to work in the West Bank Palestinian village of Al Aqaba and engage diplomats in the village’s efforts to exist without demolition bulldozers!

To apply to teach in Al Aqaba, please download and complete the Visiting Teacher’s Application.

The village of Al Aqaba, a Palestinian village in Area C of the West Bank, dreams of becoming a hub for learning. They’ve built a kindergarten serving up to 130 children, a school with 70 students, and a children’s library. The children’s education is threatened because demolition orders have been issued against the whole village. In addition, it is hard to fund teachers — the parents are poor and tuition is dear. Help us assure the children a good education in a safe and secure environment.

How will this project solve this problem?

What is a teacher’s value? Great ones offer a broad knowledge of subjects, zeal, compassion, a love of learning, and a desire to make a difference. They make it less likely for bulldozers to come because people will read their blog. They plan meetings with diplomats and invite villagers to join. A full-time librarian is on board to guide children and choose books to meet community needs. Matching funds are being provided to help them turn a startup library into a children’s discovery center

Potential Long Term Impact

Twenty years from now, these 200+ multilingual children will have self-confidence, valuable job and communication skills with a deep commitment to the power of peace-making, learned in a thriving village that continues to welcome everyone who cares.

Project Message

“When everything is threatening and uncertain, just knowing teachers with compassion makes you believe in a better future and hold on to dreams. Be a ray of light through clouds. Invest in teachers.”
– Guler Ozgenc, Artist and Activist