U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

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In Area C of the West Bank, 149 Palestinian villages are facing demolition orders. Americans helped Rebuilding Alliance (RA) work with Al Aqaba Village to build a thriving kindergarten, a sewing co-op, & three new homes. When demolition bulldozers threatened, Senators & Representatives intervened at their constituents’ request, to keep the kindergarten & homes standing. Help RA form a multi-sector coalition to save more communities at risk. Let’s start in Silicon Valley with new tech & grow.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

This January, demolitions in the West Bank nearly tripled, displacing 251 Palestinians including children. While Palestinian & Israeli peacemakers work together to protect at-risk homes & livelihoods, few hear of their efforts. Because every U.S. Senator & Representative promises “to intervene on behalf of constituents who need assistance with any urgent issue before a federal agency”, citizens must learn to ask them to intercede with the State Dept. on behalf of communities they care about.

How will this project solve this problem?

Each month RA will conference U.S. constituents & their congressional staffers directly with Palestinians & Israelis working to reverse expulsion/demolition orders. In meet-ups, citizens will learn how to ask their Representative to help the NGOs that are keeping vulnerable communities standing through injunctions, physical presence, social media & advocacy. RA will also help constituents hold dinners to invite new members & raise funds for village kindergartens, teacher training, & libraries.

Potential Long Term Impact

As the coalition grows, citizens from all sectors (medical, education, people of faith etc.) will connect with Congressional staffers and peacemakers on the ground to keep Palestinian families in their homes, children in their schools, villages standing. As constituents gain traction with their Representative & staff, Congressional intervention will freeze & hopefully reverse demolition orders, and change policy to recognize Palestinian town planning & building permits, building safety & trust.

Project Message
Our congregation hungers to do something tangible that makes a difference. We support Palestinians and Israeli peacemakers working to save Palestinian villages. Join us for our dinner on April 6th!

- Jean Roth, First Congregational Church of Palo Alto