Ushahidi Deployment of the Week
On Nov. 21, 2012, our Palestine Crisis Map, created and maintained by volunteer Lea Park, won Ushahidi Deployment of the Week




Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo (2010)

“Congratulations on receiving the European Solidarity Committee’s Medal of Gratitude. How wonderful to have your extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Polish Solidarity Movement recognized in such a special ceremony. Lech Walesa’s humanity and activism have inspired me throughout my career, and I’m thrilled you were able to meet him. Thank you for all you do to advance freedom and dignity for all people, and whenever I can be of assistance to you, just let me know”

-Ann Eshoo to Donna Baranski-Walker

Medal of Gratitude
August 31, 2010

Awarded at the Gdansk Shipyard, Poland to RA Exec. Dir. Donna Baranski-Walker on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Polish Solidarity Movement, for her work in launching Support of Solidarity – Chicago when martial law sought to crush the Solidarity Union in 1982.

Certificate of the Right to Play
November 23, 2008

Presented to Donna Baranski-Walker “as a way of saying thank you for all that you do, especially for building playgrounds in the midst of war zones. Would that more of the adults who engage in such mindless conflicts with each other throughout the world could remember the preciousness of children everywhere – and the child spirit inside each person! — and do what it takes to learn better ways of solving problems together.”

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
from U.S. Representative Barbara Lee
October 4, 2008

“Presented to the Rebuilding Alliance in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community,”

upon unanimous passage of H.R.1369,The Peace-Makers Resolution Donna Baranski-Walker, Exec. Director of the Rebuilding Alliance, wondered if Congress could pass a resolution that could do some good in the Middle East and wrote the first draft of this resolution. The Middle East Policy Advisory Committee formed a writing committee to revise it, then presented it to Representative Barbara Lee. With her sponsorship, the remarkable guidance of Dr. Gregory Berry on her staff, and 35 cosponsors, the resolution unanimously passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Sep. 23, 2008.

President Carter
April 21, 2008

On the Carter Center website

“First, let me thank Donna Baranski-Walker of The Rebuilding Alliance for helping me connect with the people of Gaza, despite having been refused entry to go in person. I am very grateful. Thank you also to Raji Sourani and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, who have been the voice for human rights in Gaza for decades.”

Overview: At the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, nongovernmental representatives from the human rights community and nongovernmental organizations gathered to hear President Carter’s April 21, 2008 Jerusalem press conference and send him their questions via video. The gathering was organized by the Rebuilding Alliance, an American nonprofit working to rebuild communities in conflict zones and make them safe by Tamer Mansour, media director for the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme; and Dr. Eyad El Sarraj

Employer of the Year Award
June 8, 2006

Presented to the Rebuilding Alliance by the Mayor’s Committee for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities. We have written a proposal to extend this work to provide job training to returning veterans here at home and people with disabilities in the conflict zones where we work.

“…The Rebuilding Alliance is an organization that sees individuals for the gifts they can bring and looks beyond any possible disability.

— Patrick Regan, Vice President of Community Relations, CVE, Inc., Member – Mayors Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities

…The Rebuilding Alliance, rebuilds homes in conflict zones and works towards peace in troubled areas. They have made it possible for persons with disabilities to join them in their noble efforts.

— Marc Passen

Spirit of Detroit Award
June 21, 2005

Presented to parents of Rachel Corrie and the Nasrallah Family who lived in the Gaza Home she died protecting. Craig and Cindy Corrie and Khaled and Samah Nasrallah, along with Rebuilding Alliance Executive Director Donna Baranski-Walker, then Board Chair Alan Kaufman, and volunteer Hana Ajlouni received the Highest Honor Award by Council. The group appeared before Detroit’s City Council during the Rebuilding Alliance speaking tour that brought the Gaza family whom Rachel Corrie sought to protect to the U.S. on tour with Rachel’s parents.

Lewis Mumford Award

Awarded the 2003 Lewis Mumford Award for Development by the Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility for the compassionate and brave work in strife-torn Palestine, developing positive relations between Palestinians and Israelis through a hands-with-hands process of rebuilding homes together.

Davey Award
2005 – Silver

MarCom Award
2005 – Gold

Telly Award
For a TV show called “Collective Punishment”, part of “A Question of Law” series produced by the Massachusetts School of Law. Rebuilding Alliance Executive Director, Donna Baranski-Walker, was part of that show’s panel discussion.